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Fields of Professional Services :

Bi-directional between English and Korean.


1. IT Industry: Services rendered to SUN, HP, LEVEL (3), AVAYA, Lucent, VARTEC, and etc. for Software Localization, Verification and Testing; Networking; Communication; Call Center; Graphical User Interface; Platforms & Configuration; Client/Server Architecture; Work Group; Database; Product Marketing and etc.    


2. Legal: Services rendered to the various Municipal, County, District Courts in Colorado, INS Courts, Bankruptcy Courts as well as the Federal Courts in Colorado for Civil, Criminal, Domestic and INS related litigations. Also, Services rendered to numerous law firms with respect to Patents, Contracts, Agreements, Accidents, and Insurance related litigations as well as various types of domestic issues.


3. Medical: Services rendered to Colorado University Hospital, Kaiser Hospital, Children's Hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital, Aurora Hospice, Boulder Community Hospital, the 96th Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) held in May 1996, various clinics and nursing homes in Metro Denver, and etc.


4. Mechanical and Electric Technology: Services rendered on many products from various companies regarding electric/mechanical equipments, product operations, and product descriptions.


5.  Insurance: Services rendered to State Farm, Pinnacol, Kaiser, Kemper, and WRL.


6. Business/Finance: Services rendered to numerous companies for finance, loan, mortgage and business purchase transaction related issues, employee meetings, job trainings, business conferences, business interviews, business research meetings, and etc.


7. Marketing: Services rendered to numerous companies for advertisements both in lines and in voice over.


8. Technical books, records, reference materials, advertising materials, real estate documents, various types of contracts and agreements.


9. Editing/Proofreading/Verification: Booklets, Software Localization, Brochures, Pamphlets, newspaper and graphic/CD production.


10. General Translation/Interpretation: Services rendered to schools, FBI, Police Departments, Government Offices, private businesses, and etc.


11. Language Training: Professor of Korean language at the Department of East Asian Language and Civilization (EALC) of the University of Colorado at Boulder University. English language instructor for One Source Company, and other private tutorial sessions.


12. Presentations on Korean Culture: Ex Co-Chair and current member of ICCNA (International Cross Cultural Network of Aurora); Member of Cultural Video Tape Production Committee of ICCNA. Presentations on Korean Culture have been made for various institutes including public schools in Aurora City, federal staffs, business representatives, Korean Heritage Camp, etc.


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